Donald Trump is my president.

Eight years ago, Conservatives in America shouted cries of “Not my president!” as Obama stepped into office. Now Liberals are declaring the same thing.

Donald Trump is my president, and he is your president too.

I did not choose him, and I disagree with almost everything he says. Most Americans voted against him. Russia likely had much more impact on the election than I did. Even so, I will show him the respect that his office deserves. I will not mock him. I will not call him Hitler or the Anti-Christ. I will not maximize his misdeeds, nor will I minimize any good thing he may do. I am shocked by how much Obama has been dragged through the mud for his notably respectable presidency, and I refuse to turn around and do the same thing to a new president who is representing the people who elected him. Donald Trump is being exactly who he has always been. If I have a problem, it is not with Donald Trump, but with the culture under which he was elected.

Donald Trump is my president, but he is not my king.

A president is respected, but a king is served and followed. Christ is, and always will be, my king. Today I watched Trump swear with his hand on a Bible and say “America first!” I could not disagree more. I am a Christian before I am an American, and God cares for all of his children with no regard for our imagined borders and walls. The president can change the law, but my soul belongs to God. I will continue to love “foreigners.” I will continue to reach out to those in poverty. I will continue to speak out against injustice, and care for the fatherless. I will not fear people who are different than me, and I will not put money before human beings. I will not treat women as inferior, or shame them for being women. I will not believe that I am better because I was born in America. Our president may send out messages of hate and elitism, but I will not respond in hate, because I serve the King of love.

Donald Trump is not the enemy, it is Christians who easily sacrifice the love of Christ for a political party who are the enemy. I know this sounds extreme, but there is nothing that I hate more than when someone uses Christianity as an excuse to believe something that is completely contrary to the teachings of Christ. What could be more anti-Christian? We cannot forget that Trump was elected by Christians who believe that Conservative values are Christian values. I have seen over and over again in this election that people will praise God in one breath, and then spout a message of hate and pride in the next. The Republican party wants to close all borders, take in no refugees, cut taxes, take healthcare away from the poorest and most vulnerable Americans, and carry guns around while they do it. That is fine for a party platform, but the fact that they pretend that this is what Jesus wants for us is troubling.

It scares me that people actually believe that Jesus cares more about America than other countries. Nationalism is contrary to Christ. It scares me that a community that cares so deeply about unborn children will so unashamedly, and without any replacement plan, eliminate the very healthcare system which has lowered abortion rates to an all-time low. It scares me that a group of people who care so dearly for family values and the sanctity of marriage based on a Biblical interpretation would criticize the Obama family while they venerate a man who cheated on two of his three wives and has a history of sexual harassment. It scares me that Christians would see a billionaire businessman and TV personality as a moral authority. Financial success is not a sign of Christian leadership.

A good tree does not bear bad fruit, and if the best fruit that Christians in America can produce is Donald Trump, then it has become a bad tree. Christianity in America cannot be rooted in Christ if the fruit that it bears is so far from Christ’s message.

Donald Trump is our president, and that is why it is so important that we cling to the words of Christ, so that we don’t lose sight of the gospel. It is important that we defend Christ against those who wish to use His message for personal gain or to hurt others. It is more important than ever that we love God, love our neighbors, and love our enemies.

Donald Trump is our president, so we need to make it known that our loyalties are only to our King.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump is my president.

  1. While I agree with some of this. I also believe much of it is extreme & grossly miss represents the Christian community. I am a firm bible believing christian who never has faltered on my faith in Christ that He is my savior, Lord & King. Trump is none if those things. But I believe he has some abilities that can be beneficial to our country. Will I always agree with him? Of course not. But I believe he deserves a chance to make his mistakes & his successes just as every other president has. To constantly highlight his possible weaknesses does no one any good. He is human not divine. He is Donald Trump not Jesus Christ. So why continue to point out the differences. Other men have held this office who claimed to be christians were they expected to be perfect & a perfect replicate of Jesus? I think not. What man is? He who is without sin can cast the first stone. Maybe we should all start to look for the good in others, & encourage everyone to do the same. Love one another rather than pointing out the faults of our brothers & sisters & maybe just maybe we would see a different world.


    1. If you saw Christians following and supporting a movement that is dangerous to the Christian faith and leading people away from God would you be silent? No, you wouldn’t. I know that you wouldn’t. How do I know? Because earlier in this election that is what you thought I was doing when I started comparing the words of Trump to the words of Christ. You didn’t address me at all, but you called my wife and lectured her. You told her that she was blinded by Satan because she was not supporting your Conservative values, even though many Conservative values are contrary to Christ’s message. I will joyfully be extreme if defending the gospel is extreme. Pointing out the faults of our brothers and sisters is not productive, but when the fault is that my brothers and sisters are misusing and abusing Christ, I must point it out! Wouldn’t you? (1 Peter 3:15, Titus 1:10-16, 2 Timothy 4:1-5, Ephesians 5)

      I have no problem with Trump. He is doing exactly what he said and what everyone expected. He never pretended to be a good role model. He told us from the beginning that he is greedy, and now he is making America greedy (America First!). Even if he does do something good for our country, that is not the same as doing something good for the Kingdom of God. It is Christians in America who are misleading. I only ask Christians who support Trump to reconcile his words and actions with the words and actions of Christ. I find it troubling that your response to direct quotes from Christ was to tell us that Satan had blinded us. However, your political views cannot be supported by scripture. So far the only justification that you have given for your views is that you are older than us and that you are afraid of Liberals (1 Timothy 4 and any number of verses on fear and worrying). You have not given me one single biblical defense of your political views or your acceptance of Trump. Your views come from Conservative culture and not from God, so I rebuke them in the name of Christ. If I am off base and extreme, show me where I have misunderstood the message of Christ with scriptures. If you can’t find biblical support for your political views, maybe you should rethink your involvement in politics instead of calling me extreme or blinded. If you do not speak with Christ’s authority, you speak with no authority at all. If you can support your views with scripture, please do so.

      Electing Trump is the modern equivalent of making Saul our king. Because of a lack of discernment in the Church, He will dismantle our country for his own personal gain. We will have less buying power, fewer programs to help those in need, and the pockets of the greediest and most prideful Americans will be lined at our expense. Trump will get what he wants and we will pay for it. Our Earth is going to suffer. Abortion rates are going to stagnate or increase. More people will lose their homes. What’s worst is that people will not come to know Christ, because Christians are increasingly becoming known for their hatred and not for their love. When the Christian community finally realizes what has been lost it will cry out to God, and He will not listen. (1 Samuel 8)

      Your grandchildren are the ones who will suffer the most. I hope, for Finley’s sake, that I am wrong.


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